Cooles Schaf mit Sonnenbrille (Shaun real!?) – Lamb SUNGLASSES

Flash hat ein krankes Auge, das vor Sonnenlicht geschützt werden muss. Was läge also näher, Flash eine Sonnenbrille anzuziehen? Oder ist es Shaun das Shaf in real?

Flash the lamb with his UV sunglasses. These adorable photos show a tiny lamb which has to wear sheep SUNGLASSES to protect its eyes. Three-week-old Flash suffers from uveitis, a painful condition which makes his right eye sore, red and ultra-sensitive to bright light.Since being diagnosed at three days old, the little lamb has undergone a course of antibiotics and eye drops to reduce the inflammation.

But looking at the sun is still painful – so letting Flash out to graze during the day without eye protection is not an option.

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